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More people have climbed Everest than swum the Channel between England and France - twenty one miles of perilous sea.
With a moving musical score from Damon Albarn and the Electric Wave Bureau, this heartwarming documentary profiles the modern day endurance swimming community and the unlikeliest of athletes who risk it all. A story of those who seek to push their limits…

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Produced and Directed by
Steph Keelan
Emma Harpin

Assistant Producer
Chris Black

Director Of Photography
Olly Wiggins

Alex Fry

Edit Assistant
Noémie Phillipson

Keith Gubbins
Jon Kassell  
James Boyes
Andy Walker
Miguel Ragageles
Benedict Spence
Dean Gray
Dan Gaine
Dave Bridges

Joe Reardon

Music Composed & Performed by
Electric Wave Bureau

EWB are
Damon Albarn
Suzi Winstanley
Michael Smith

Music Recording Engineer
Steve Sedgwick
Studio 13

Paul Fallon
Envy Post House

On-line Editor
Dicky Everton
Envy Post House

Sound Editor
John Richards
Envy Post House

Dubbing Mixer
Greg Gettens
Clear Cut Pictures

Historical Consultant
Bridget O’Donnell

Commissioning Editor for BBC
Carol Sennett

Executive Producer
Ben Anthony

Andrew Wightman

TLC Holdings Ltd

With thanks to;
The Channel Swimming Community
Eleven Mgmt
Regine Moylett
Niamh Byrne

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales
Bob Armstrong
British Pathé
Getty Images
Institut National de L’audiovisuel






"This is one of those rare gems, a perfectly paced homegrown documentary about a quirky English subject...this wonderful film deserves awards"  

(The Observer) 


"Inspirational, funny and, at times, very moving” ****

(TV Times)


"...like the 40 Minutes docs of old (remember those?), the slightly offbeat feel somehow adding up to a deeper understanding of a very British subculture.” ****

(The Times) 


“...a warmly observed portrait of a very British Sub Culture..beautifully filmed” 

(Radio Times)


"...finely crafted film about those who want to swim the Channel"

(Daily Mail, Weekend Magazine)



"This lovely documentary captures the community involved in the “ultimate open swim challenge”"

(Daily Telegraph)


“One of those ever-so-charming BBC documentaries shining a light on one of our country’s quirky (and, crucially, non-nationalistic) sub-cultures...Swim the Channel is just the thing to restore your faith in Britishness"

(The i)


"If the point of documentaries is to open doors to worlds few people know exist, this film is a success"

Pick of the Day, Critics Choice (Sunday Times)


“Emma Harpin and Steph Keelan’s film captured the unique, club-like atmosphere among those who undertake this journey every summer and the people who guide them through it."

(Daily Express)









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